Finally, you can create RPG's on the go with RPG Creator for iOS!
This unique app will have you building maps, creating npcs and monsters, fighting epic battles, and sharing your creation with the world in no time at all!

- Create your dream RPG from anywhere!
- Use our default assets or import your own!
- No programming required!



Create RPG's with the touch of your finger!

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Build Maps

In the map editor view you can draw maps freely with the Pen and Fill tools. Create Villages, Castles, Caves, a World Map to tie it all together and more!

Easy Event creation allows you to tie together graphics, commands, and actions. You can quickly create an event without any programming required!

The database screen has been populated with heroes, monsters, items and more! You are free to adjust them or create new things from scratch! You are the ruler of this game!

Make Events


Play Games

Test play your game as you create it! You can jump into the action wherever you like with the debug tool. Once you're done, share your creation with the world on the "Creator's Web" Portal. Download and play other users games as well!

Easily add Events by tapping the cell. Create some NPCS to chat with your hero, enemies to fight him/her and more! Event creation is quick and easy!

RPG Creator is now available!. There is a free to play demo version along with a a premium version available for purchase.


Use the built in resources to craft your RPG or import your own assets!

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