AMD Processor

The AMD FX-8350 CPU is an 8 core processor perfect for gaming, and recommended by HTC for use with the Vive VR headset!


One lucky winner will receive everything they need to hit the ground gaming.  A powerful AMD processor, CyberPower gaming rig, HTC Vive Virtual Reality set, and enough Steam credit to purchase all the games (well, some of the games).

Gaming Rig

The same machine that is powering Degica Games at PAX East could be yours! 


An inspiring LG curved screen monitor featuring AMD freesynch technology.

HTC Vive Set

$500 in Steam Credit!

What good is a killer system without any games? Go on a Steam shopping spree!

Is this reality? Virtually!


There are over 100 more prizes from our friends including:
Limited Edition art and prints
(RPG Maker, Cave, Darius Burst and more!)
Degica Games titles
Limited Edition T-Shirts
Steam Controllers
Signed and illustrated Code Of Princess Board Game
Steam Credit
Muv-Luv Posters
Muv-Luv Yuuko's Gift Bag Reward

And more!
Attention adventurers, dungeon delvers, raiders, and treasure seekers! Announcing a loot haul of epic proportions!
Normally you'd have to go on the highest level raids and beat waveafter wave of monsters to get gear this good, but we at Degica Games have partnered with AMD, LG, and CyberpowerPC to bring you everything you need togame the week away! In celebration of PAX East we're giving away a dungeon's worth of loot to the luckiest of our fans!
Even though you won’t have to delve the darkest dungeons to enter, once you’ve won, you’ll be well equipped to.


The Runner-Up Prizes!!